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To check your eligibility to the scheme please read through the conditions at the bottom of this page.

Eligibility Conditions.

Minimum 15 Working Halogen Downlights.

We will replace a minimum of 15* existing recessed halogen downlights (35W or 50W) with 5W LED CCT-Selectable (Can be set to Warm White, Cool White or Daylight) downlights, including supply & install of a complete unit, transformer & plug base for $18.99** per unit, inc GST.

Plus, have unlimited FREE PAR 38 flood lights upgraded (globe only) when you meet the minimum of 15* downlights installed.

Check Your Postcode is in Our Service Area.

If you haven’t already, please visit Energy Saver to see if your postcode is in our service area.

Energy Saver Postcode Lookup

If your postcode is not in our current service area, we can add you to our wait list. and hopefully we will be able to service your area in the near future.

Additional Scheme Requirements

  • Your existing lights must be in working order
  • You must not have previously had your lights upgraded under the Energy Savings Scheme
  • Your electrical wiring must be up to code, including RCD circuit protectors
  • You agree to Ecovantage passing your details and those of the installation to the Department of Planning & Environment (Formerly the Office of Environment and Heritage) for the purpose of registering an installation and energy savings.

Notes About Dimmer Compatibility.

In some rare cases the upgrade of lights on dimmers can be affected by the ripple injection on your grid please refer to  https://www.diginet.net.au/fix-led-downlights-flickering/ for more information. 

This can cause LEDs on a dimmer to flicker for a period of time each night, and each morning, but it is not caused by the installed LEDs or dimmers, and does not damage them. You can find more information on why ripple injection is applied to some areas here

If you are affected by the ripple injection after the installation Ecovantage is happy to send the electrician back to disable the dimmers for free, which will fix the issue, but the installation of power filters to treat the issue or a refund of the cost of a dimmer upgrade is not covered by the program. 

Installing LEDs on existing dimmers may also result in some compatibility issues with the new LED lights, not related to ripple injection. If you have dimmers, you can choose to upgrade on the spot for $65 per dimmer - if you'd like to wait and see if compatibility issues arise (as they are not always evident immediately), there will be a $100 call out fee plus $65 to upgrade the dimmers at another time.  

Important Information.

Customers with 10-14 Halogen Downlights.
*If you don't meet the minimum of 15 downlights, but have more than 10 eligible downlights in working order, we can still perform an upgrade with an added callout fee of $77.

**Pricing is valid as of the date of this email but is subject to change.

Cutouts Smaller or Larger Than 70mm/90mm.
***If your cutouts are too small and need to be enlarged there is a charge of $8.80 inc GST per cutout. If your cutouts are too large we require the customer to supply faceplates compatible with either a 70mm or a 90mm cutout.

****The dimmable lights are at no extra cost with compatible dimmers. If your current dimmers are not compatible, which will be determined upon installation of the new downlights, we need to either disable your current dimmers for $22 (per dimmer switch) or upgrade to compatible dimmers for $65 (per dimmer switch). 
Do you want the cost of upgrading ($65 per switch) or disabling ($22 per switch) included in the cost estimate at all? You are welcome to decide on the day and just keep those costs in mind as well.

High Ceilings.
*****If lights are on a ceiling above 3m (9ft), or are not easily accessible, a second appointment and extra charges may be incurred.

Any questions call us directly at a time that suits you 9am - 5pm AEST on 02  9057 5101.